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EvNote Web Designer Web Freelance

Methodology designer Web

Methodology designer freelance Web

Each project is different, but always ground to use a methodology similar to the following one, I have verified that helps to be advancing step by step of clear form and without surprises.
Of course, there is a possibility of modifying it and to adapt it, is an initial proposal.

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10/08/2005 18:47 h Development Web, Designer freelance Web, Design Web (2)

Some musical recordings

Some of my musical recordings

Here recopilatorio of music goes small that I record in my homemade study, touching a little €śall the woods€?, to spend the short while more than nothing:)

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02/06/2005 20:44 h Music, Personnel, Several (0)

Getafe, City of Angels, collective exhibition


In November of 2004 I had the pleasure to participate in a collective exhibition organized by the City council of Getafe (Area of Culture) that it summoned to great number of artists, uniting them in the call €śAssembly of creators€?.

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18/12/2004 18:47 h It photographs, Personnel, Several (0)